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Outsourcing and Intellectual Property

Saturday, August 15th, 2009:

A common concern when sourcing overseas is protecting intellectual property. This article examines sourcing and piracy as well as steps that can be taken to reduce the risk product will be copied. Due to the many different types of products available in the world, the uniqueness of a product does not in itself make it attractive to those who seek to profit by copying the ideas of others. Products such as the following are most attractive for those engaging in piracy: 1. High tech goods or other products that require expensive research and development to create. They are appealing targets […] Read More →

VAT and China Sourcing

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009:

Since a nation’s value added tax (VAT) has a direct impact on price and profits, it is important to understand the VAT of the country where manufacturing and products are sourced. The following describes China’s VAT and how it affects China sourcing. The mechanics of the VAT and its application to China sourcing While VAT works differently in various countries, it is basically a tax paid on the value added to a product as it moves down the supply chain to the end user. For example, the raw materials for a widget are purchased by a manufacturer and a tax […] Read More →

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