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How Freight Forwarders Can Help Move Your Goods

Thursday, July 15th, 2010:

When manufacturing is outsourced overseas, the products must be moved across international boundaries and over longer distances. The paperwork, clearances and shipping services required to do this can make the process complicated at times. Usually, the best way to handle everything is by using a freight forwarder to help things run smoothly. Requirements when moving goods between countries International shipments of manufactured goods can be broken down into the following steps: The manufacturer declares the goods are ready for shipment. Customs is contacted to clear the goods for export. The cargo is picked up and taken to the port of […] Read More →

Changes in China Sourcing

Saturday, July 10th, 2010:

Many picture manufacturing in China as dominated by endless armies of workers toiling at low wages, but reality is far more complicated than that. China’s economic growth in recent decades has lifted many boats including those or many factory workers. This, combined with changes in currency and other factors, means that manufacturing in China is undergoing dramatic changes.  However, with the many advantages China offers in manufacturing, it is likely to remain a factory of the world. When China first opened to the West, living standards were a fraction of those of the outside world. A seemingly endless pool of […] Read More →

A Third Party Inspection Service Can Save the Day

Friday, July 9th, 2010:

Shipment is one of the final steps of overseas sourcing and likely the most important. Everyone wants to avoid nasty surprises when they receive their goods so it is important to have some way to inspect them before they are shipped. There are different ways to do this. However, in most situations, a third party quality inspection is the best course of action. The importance of inspection One should never underestimate the importance of proper inspection before shipment. The chance for error is always present when making any kind of order. With overseas sourcing, the distances as well as shipping […] Read More →

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