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A Comprehensive Global Outsourcing Overview

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012:

Global outsourcing involves a company outsourcing services or projects to a third party in a foreign location. The third party is usually a firm that employs workers or the third party is an individual who offers various services.  Employers will generally hire the third party to complete a whole project or some aspect of the project. Global outsourcing has both benefits and risks. However, global outsourcing is on an upward trend. Why global outsourcing is on an upward trend Global outsourcing is becoming an increasing trend among businesses because of various factors. One of the leading factors is the comparative […] Read More →

How to Get Started with Software Outsourcing

Friday, January 20th, 2012:

What does Software outsourcing consist of? Software outsourcing involves a company outsourcing software development needs to a third party outsourcing firm. The outsourcing firm is contracted to develop the custom software in accordance with the companies’ specific requirements and instructions. The outsourcing firm will establish the specifications, requirements, and deadline through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with the hiring organization. Software outsourcing provides many benefits, including reduction of cost and the gain of expertise. However, hiring organizations must be careful to outline their specifications in clear detail to the outsourcing firm. Software Development Outsourcing Why a company should utilize software […] Read More →

Get the Most from Business Process Outsourcing Services

Saturday, January 14th, 2012:

Business process outsourcing services involve companies contracting the responsibilities and operations of various business processes and functions to an outsourcing firm. The outsourcing firm is sometimes located in the same country, which is called nearshore outsourcing, or in another neighboring country, when offshore outsourcing. The processes and functions that are usually outsourced fall into the category of either front-end or back-end processes and functions. Back-end processes and functions consist of areas such as human resources, accounting, and finance. Front-end processes and functions consist of areas such as customer-related services. The following bulleted list contains commonly outsourced business processes. Document processes: This […] Read More →

How to Find and Utilize IT Outsourcing Companies

Monday, January 9th, 2012:

In today’s world, companies are often turning to IT outsourcing companies for many of their business needs. It is expensive to maintain full-time employees; this is especially true for small companies. IT outsourcing companies can help organizations avoid excessive employee and other costs to include administration, hiring, absenteeism, training, equipment, and workspace. Specialized expertise Besides the advantages financially, an outsourcing company also provides the advantage of offering specialized expertise. Organizations can select an IT outsourcing company that fits a specific niche. Moreover, they can choose the company to for a specialized budget or time frame such as on a project […] Read More →

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