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How to Approach Legal Process Outsourcing

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012:

The following list describes various services a hiring organization can expect to find in legal process outsourcing firms. Legal research services: Outsourcing firms can perform legal research for a hiring organization on any area of law. The outsourcing firm will deliver research documents and analysis to hiring organizations based on the specified time and deadline. The attorneys of the outsourcing firm, who are knowledgeable on state and international law, conduct the research. Specific services are listed below: Prepare legal briefs Examine state, federal and international laws regarding the case of the hiring organization Jury verdict & settlement research in addition […] Read More →

How to Approach Data Entry Outsourcing

Thursday, May 10th, 2012:

The 5 steps of data entry outsourcing Typically data entry outsourcing contains five steps or phases between the outsourcing firm and the hiring organization. The steps are requirement analysis, standardizing operations, execution, quality audit, and delivery. In the first step, the outsourcing firm will gather requirements from the hiring organization. Once they have received and analyzed the requirements, then they will perform standardizing operations. In this phase, they will choose how to perform the data entry and on what file types or mediums should the data entry be outputted to. Next, the outsourcing firm will execute the data entry services. […] Read More →

Secrets to Sourcing from China

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012:

If you are considering sourcing from China, the following guide can help you avoid costly errors and make the process run much more smoothly. From finding a supplier to making payment and clearing customs, learn each step before making any commitments. Types of suppliers Some suppliers will pretend to represent a factory when they do not. The major types of suppliers include: Trading companies: These companies will handle everything from finding the manufacturer to payment. While this is the easiest way and often best for small orders, the commissions taken on every order will increase costs. Through a third party […] Read More →

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