How to Compute Customs Tariffs

Please follow the procedure below to obtain an estimate of the tariff on your product if you are importing into the US. This is only a guideline. You will need to contact U.S. Customs to obtain an exact rate. For countries other than the U.S., please check the links at the bottom of this page.

1. You will first need to obtain a tariff number. You may be able to obtain it by going directly to the HTS Schedule in step four below,
but it will probably be easier to first go to the Customs Ruling Online Search System (CROSS) at customs rulings.

2. Go to the keyword search and type in the name of the product for which you would like to obtain a tariff.

3. A ruling number and a tariff number will appear. Click on the tariff number to get a tariff rate (usually from the previous year). If you are not exactly sure which tariff number is correct, use your best judgment. Obtaining an approximate number will be adequate for the next step.

For example, if you are looking for the rate on silk ties, you will get the tariff number 6215.10.0025.

4. Go to HTS Schedule to see the Harmonized Tariff and Schedule (HTS) of the United States by Chapter. Use the tariff number you found in step three to find the current tariff rate (i.e. the first two numbers of the tariff number you obtained in step three correspond to the chapter number you need to click on). Since there is the possibility you did not get the exact number, make sure the description to the right of the number matches the product for which you would like to obtain a tariff.Compute Customs Tariffs

For example, if you are looking for the rate on silk ties, click on Chapter 62 (the chapter number is the same as the first two digits of the tariff number). Following the Heading/Subheading column to 6215.10.0025 will give you the tariff rate of 7.2% for countries with normal MFN status.

Links for customs offices in various countries.
USA: US Customs & Border Protection
Canada: Canada Border Services Agency
EU: The European Union’s TARIC database
United Kingdom: HM Revenue & Customs
Ireland: Tax and Duty Type
Australia: Australian Customs Service
New Zealand: New Zealand Customs Service
Worldwide: World Customs Organizations

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