How Indian Outsourcing Companies are Changing Outsourcing

The Indian outsourcing companies took some time to appear among the top companies offering outsourcing services. However, today, they can be seen on the top ranks which clearly indicates the country’s growing prosperity on the global economic map. These companies had to cross a number of barriers and many of them are still on the other side of the fence. It will take time for more outsourcing companies from India to join the ranks of top service providers.

The following article is covers outsourcing companies from India and how these companies are making a place for themselves in the global outsourcing industry.

Main outsourcing sectors
The Indian outsourcing companies in the information technology sector have had exponential growth by grabbing numerous outsourcing jobs from global companies. These companies are involved in providing products and services related to custom software development, website design and development, software testing and ecommerce application development.

Furthermore, the information technology industry has outsourcing companies that provide web analytics services. Other companies belonging to the same sector are those offering data entry and data processing services. Another sector that has contributed toward the growth of outsourcing companies in India is the healthcare sector. Medical billing, medical transcription and healthcare software are some of the services that these companies offer.

The Indian legal outsourcing companies have also recorded growth in the past few years. The number of these companies increased from 40 in 2005 to 140 by the end of 2009. As per the estimates, these companies are expected to have revenues fin excess of 1 billion dollars by the year 2014. Legal documentation, litigation support and drafting and analysis are some of the services that legal Indian outsourcing companies offer.

Another outsourcing sector in India which is worth mentioning consists of financial services. These include accounting services, payroll services, tax preparation, bookkeeping services and insurance services among others. Other outsourcing sectors that are constantly increasing in numbers of companies from India include the transcription industry, sales and marketing and the tourism industry, among several others.Indian Outsourcing Companies

Companies that made it into the top 100
The list of top outsourcing companies from all over the world is created based on a number of outsourcing parameters. While the size of the company is an important parameter, many other parameters are used to include performance during a specified time interval, management capabilities, customer reviews, competencies showcased by the companies and many more.

In the year 2010, a number of Indian outsourcing companies successfully had their names among top outsourcing companies internationally. Infosys Technologies, an information technology giant, ranked in second position based on executive leadership and core competency. Wipro Technologies is another powerful information technology services company from India and acquired the 4th rank in the list. Management capabilities are considered the key strength of the company.

Tata Consultancy Services, which is again a reputed software services consulting company from the country, was 7th. Employee management is one of the most dependable aspects of the company. Affiliated Computer Services, a premier BPO and IT outsourcing Indian company, made it to 11th on the list.

Some other Indian companies that were among the top 100 outsourcing companies of 2010 include names like Genpact, Neusoft, HCL Technologies, MindTree, Tech Mahindra, Mastek, ITC Infotech, Patni Computer Systems and many more.

It is worth mentioning that the Indian outsourcing industry is not solely dependent upon the US economy, though it is a popular belief of many. The strategic location of the country makes its services available to the Asian countries as well as those in the Middle East. The upcoming Indian outsourcing companies need to cross the barriers related to infrastructure and other aspects to reserve more positions in the list of top outsourcing companies.

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