Tips for Outsourcing Web Design

Types of web design outsourcing

Web design outsourcing encompasses a broad field of possibilities, and many organizations may not be entirely sure of what services can be completed through a partnership with outsourcing firms and freelancers. The following list provides the typical services that organizations can expect to receive from web design outsourcing.

  • General website design services:  These services include unique website design or redesign of an existing website. Companies also usually offer design for smart phones and mobile sites. Outsourcing firms generally will provide responsive web 2.0 xhtml and CSS to the designing of sites. Furthermore, a good web design outsourcing company will be able to use Ajax, Jquery, Prototype, MooTools, and PSD to XHTML conversion. Additionally, outsourcing firms can offer website maintenance and support.
  • Graphics and image design: Besides general website design, outsourcing firms will often can offer artistic abilities such as business card designing, brochure designing, corporate logo creation, graphics design for print and the internet, corporate digital brochures and c CDs. Typically, an outsourcing firm will be able to provide flash services for intros, banners, and animated logos.
  • CMS customization services: Outsourcing firms will provide these services, which can include customization for Joomla, WordPress, Magento, OSCOMMERCE, Prestashop, Zen Cart, phpld, PHPbb, template monster, and VBulletin. Firms should also be able to provide help with any mssql/php open source script and proprietary systems.
  • Dynamic web development services: Dynamic web development services include E-commerce website development, custom payment gateway integration with the clients CMS, custom web application and CRM development with languages such as php, mysql, ajax, xml, and SOAP. These services also include portal/ social networking integration, and Facebook application development.

How to determine if outsourcing web design is necessary

In those cases where web design is not being outsourced out of necessity (individuals or firms that simply do not have the skills to do it themselves), an outsourcing analysis needs to be done to determine what components of web design services that should be outsourced. The first step in the analysis is to create a budget that accurately reflects how much money the organization can spend in order to accomplish their goals. Next, the organization should conduct financial analysis on how much it would cost to conduct the project in-house. The organization should factor in overhead costs such as hiring, maintenance, and employee support. The organization should compare this analysis with multiple estimates from various outsourcing companies.

After that, the company should consider the possibility of outsourcing other aspects to include website maintenance and support. Criteria that should govern this decision are:

  • Finances- Future planning that takes long-term expenses into account should be considered when deciding which operations will be cheaper to do in-house or to outsource. These long-term expenses include infrastructure (office supplies, space) and employee support (health care, training, etc.).Outsourcing Web Design
  • Security- An organization may not want an outsourcing firm to build certain aspects of a web service because they might be concerned with the ability of the firm to build web sites that are secure and protect confidential user information.
  • Privacy- Companies may not want certain company information in the hands of an outside entity. Such company information might be necessary in order to build the service that the company wishes to have. In this case, the hiring organization should consider whether the outsourcing firm could complete some part of the service that does not require the information.

If an organization decides to outsource some or all of their web design needs, then they must decide where to send their outsourcing work.

Where companies can find web design outsourcing

For an organization to find web service outsourcing, they should look into a firm in the native country or abroad. Either way, companies should get proposals from multiple firms in order to receive the best deal possible. Another option is to hire individual freelancers.

  • Outsourcing domestically- Sometimes, it may be more beneficial to hire a domestic outsourcing firm from the native country. These are often referred to as consulting firms. They provide the benefit of good service and the ability to communicate easily with the hiring organization. There are almost no communication barriers that inhibit instruction and cooperation. However, these firms may be more expensive to hire.
  • Outsourcing firms abroad- A cheaper option is to hire firms from foreign countries. It is a growing trend because of the cost saving benefits. However, there may be communication barriers between the hiring organization and the outsourcing firm. In addition, the time and cultural barriers as well as distance may negatively affect work progress and communication.
  • Freelancers- Organizations should also consider hiring a freelancer through freelancer websites such as,, etc. A lot of different freelancing websites can be found using a simple search engine query for “web design services freelancing.” Write professional job postings and post the same on multiple sites in order to attract the best freelancing talent possible.

How small business can benefit

Outsourcing often enables the small business to succeed. First off, a good web design outsourcing company will also be able to provide a marketing program to help a small business succeed online and to generate new leads. Leads are generated through various online marketing, professional interface design, yellow page listings, advertising through pay per click, and search engine optimization. Furthermore, the design and services should give an edge over the competition through affordable and scalable solutions.

An outsourcing company will also be able to provide experience and consulting on a wide range of web services. They can combine expertise so small businesses don’t have to individually consult different outside entities. For instance, an outsourcing company can build, launch, and maintain the website.

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