Make Your Business Grow with Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing Overview

Almost any company can use sales outsourcing, from virtual companies looking to create a sales team to large companies trying to increase profits. Sales outsourcing involves outsourcing the tasks associated with conducting business sales.  Such tasks usually involve:

  • Planning and managing of sales campaigns- direct marketing, lead generation, email marketing, social media marketing, and other methods
  • Day to day operational sales decisions and activities that are handled by outsourcing firm
  • The recruiting, training, and managing of a sales team
  • Sales strategy consulting

How to develop a sales growth strategy that outsourcing firms can follow

In order for hiring organizations to get the most out of sales outsourcing, they must be able to develop a strategy that the outsourcing firm can follow. Hiring organizations must gather information about their clients, successes and failures, and the market in order to understand and to create a firm strategy. The following tips should help those considering sales outsourcing in creating a successful sales growth strategy for outsourcing firms to follow.

Self- evaluation: In order for a hiring organization to get the most out of a sales growth strategy, they must conduct an honest assessment of their performance. In their assessment, they should look at lost clients/leads, competitor changes and successes/failures, opportunities that have been missed, and trends in the market.

Obtain a new perspective: The clients that hiring organizations work with can provide valuable information for a sales strategy. The hiring organization should talk to clients that the organization has a comfortable working relationship with. Ask the clients if they have any needs, if they are using different resources to fulfill their needs, and why they continue to do business with the hiring organization. It also may be helpful for the organization to poll other customers and ask questions such as how they found them, what kind of sales materials stick out to the customers, and how they look for other companies in the same field. Hiring organizations should consider incentives for customers that answer the questions, such as a discount on the next order.

Categorize and analyze: The hiring organization should separate their clients and leads into different categories. Example categories can be leads that use a competitor’s product, leads that did not use any product in the market, and customers who are currently using the hiring organizations products. After this categorization, the hiring organization should analyze and come up with solutions on how to reach each category differently and more successfully. Then, it should consult with the outsourcing firm in order to create a sales growth strategy that uses the new ideas.

How to determine whether or not to outsource sales

Companies may face difficulty in deciding whether or not to outsource sales. Companies when determining to outsource sales should use the following criteria:

  • Customer Satisfaction- If the hiring organization’s customers are not as happy as the company would like, then they should consider outsourcing sales. An outsourced sales campaign by a professional firm can greatly increase the satisfaction of customers, which can lead to the retainment, and procurement of more customers.
  • Revenue growth- If revenue cannot be increased through current means, then it is suggested to outsource sales in order to obtain new strategies and professionals who can cause an increase in revenue. An outsourcing firm may be able to provide more tools, expertise, and personnel than the hiring organization currently has or can afford through an in-house sales team.
  • Shifting market forces- If the marketplace is shifting, then hiring organizations should consider outsourcing sales in order to successfully adapt to the new market. Outsourcing firms often can share risks and offer a cash infusion to hiring organizations, which can help them adapt and thrive in a shifting market landscape.

How to determine a good outsourcing firm partner:

Hiring organizations may struggle in finding a sales outsourcing partner that meets the needs and goals of the company. The following list describes qualities that make a good sales outsourcing partner. The ideal outsourcing company has the following three qualities:

  • Ability to be flexible: A good outsourcing firm will be able to be flexible in making changes to meet the needs of the hiring organization and of a changing marketplace. In sales, time is incredibly important, and making adjustments fast can result in dollars gained instead of lost. These outsourcers understand this importance and have the ability to realign staff and resources based on changing needs of the company and/or marketplace.
  • Professionalism: Good outsourcing firms will be able to act as an extension of their client’s sales teams. By acting as an extension and being professional, they can support the client’s marketing and sales better and offer reputable advice that the company’s team can easily follow and adjust to. Furthermore, the professionalism of the outsourcing firm’s staff may cause the hiring organizations staff to be more professional.
  • Experience: Experienced outsourcing firms will be able to have insider information on what works with sales and marketing. Their teams have knowledge that the hiring organization’s team does not. They have overcome challenges and have learned from these experiences. Experienced firms can offer a new perspective and can uncover tactics and markets that the hiring organization never realized existed.

Top sales outsourcing companies

Acquirent: Acquirent provides outsourced sales solutions for companies that range from small software startups to Fortune 500 companies. The company is located out of Evanston, Illinois and has over 50 employees. Acquirent specializes in the recruiting, training, and managing sales teams that act as either part of the client’s sales infrastructure or as their entire sales engine. The company attempts to deliver “a transparent and totally accountable solution with a focus on metrics, training, and the use of the latest technology in sales.”

Netpique: Netpique is a professional sales outsourcing and consulting company located in Palm Coast, Florida and was founded in 2004. The company excels in delivering new customers within targeted customer acquisition costs. They use a unique sales outsourcing model and a customer acquisition model to drive the incremental revenue of their clients. Netpique helps clients to understand a desired sales channel and then to create a strategy to adhere to that channel.

Sales Partnerships, inc: The company was founded in 1997, and provides complete sales outsourcing solutions to large enterprise and middle market clients. Sales partnerships sell client’s products and services in the field through inside sales, or as enterprise sales reps traveling, as the clients need them. The company recruits the sales personnel, manages the teams, and closes the deals while reporting the metrics of the campaign.

What to do when Graphic Design Outsourcing

Graphic design outsourcing services involves design services that usually include stationary design, illustration design, logo, web, business card, t-shirt, flyer, and poster design. The following list describes how most outsourcing companies provide the services for the hiring organization.

Project outsourcing: This involves the outsourcing company taking the hiring organization’s requirements and then formulating a project plan that will be executed in order to produce the desired deliverables.  The outsourcing work will be conducted offshore usually in the Philippines, India, or china. These projects often have set timetable and deliverables and are not ideal for ongoing work.

Offshore staff leasing: Offshore staff leasing revolves around the hiring organization creating their own team in an offshore location that consists of employees who will work for the hiring organization exclusively and full-time from the outsourcing office’s location. The legal staff is legally employee managed and supported by the outsourcing firm.  The hiring organization will decide on the daily activities and working schedule of the virtual team. The outsourcing company provides the team with workstations, office space and connectivity.

Freelancers:  instead of hiring an outsourcing firm to conduct the whole project, hiring organizations can hire individual freelancers to complete work. A freelancer is an individual graphic designer who sets his or her own price and hours. Freelancers enable hiring organizations to hire for specific jobs and hiring organizations can look at freelancer’s portfolios in order to hire the most qualified worker. Elancer offers advice on how to approach this.

How to decide whether to undertake graphic design outsourcing

Many companies struggle in deciding on whether to commit resources to graphic design. The following list describes situations that persuade companies to undertake graphic design outsourcing.

Competitive advantage: If the hiring organization is in a competitive field where there are hundreds of competitors, then good graphic design will help companies make a lasting impression in which prospects may become potential leads. Superior graphic design will help promote any competitive advantage a hiring organization has over competitors. Lastly, good graphic design can emotionally connect with visitors, drawing them to the hiring organization’s message or product.

Gain long-term visitors: With the millions of websites on the internet people tend to scan fast through them. Through good graphic design, visitors are persuaded to slow down and pay attention to the message being portrayed by the website. Moreover, visitors may come back more often if aesthetically pleasing graphic design is present. Furthermore, visitors tend to avoid reading words and paragraphs, and graphics can get a message across more effectively than text.

Increase credibility: Professional graphic design helps gain the trust of visitors as they first view the website. Poor designs that do not look professional often make visitors skeptical about the message being sold by the website. A professional graphic design will create instant credibility with visitors.

How to determine top-level graphic design outsourcers

Marketing: Often, the primary focus of graphic design is to advertise and market a website’s message or product. Thus, a good graphic design outsourcer should understand how to create graphics that adhere to marketing principles and design. A graphic must not only look pleasing but must also promote well.

Versatility: In today’s online world, simple graphic design is not enough to meet the goals of companies. Graphic design outsourcers must be able to enhance the functionality of the graphics with interactive elements. This often includes 3D imaging, video streaming, live chat, and e-commerce.

Communication and availability: Since graphic design often has many stages and re-workings, the outsourcer must be able to communicate fast and efficiently. In order to get the graphic that works best, the hiring organization have the ability to communicate any problems or suggestions with the outsourcer.

Recommended graphic design outsourcing companies is an online marketplace specifically for graphic design. It contains thousands of registered designers who will respond to the hiring organizations project in a contest type of format. The website is geared for outsourcing work for small businesses. The website helps ensure that a hiring organization can find the designer that can provide the necessary style, efficiency, and timetable. Belatrix is a graphic design company with the mission to cater for internal and external services, in order to improve the GUI (graphical user interface), screen navigability, accessibility, and usability of their client’s applications. Their work is based on international standards such as W3C. Belatrix has a group of professional designers who do projects, including publishing, branding, brochures, stationary, promotions, and desktop based solutions. Their team also provides PSD to HTML conversion services. Guavastudios employs local freelancers and offshore outsourcing providers who work to meet the requirements of the hiring organization. Guava handles all aspects of project management and only requires a brief from the client. Guavastudios is based in Lancashire and can work with any time zone to get work done quickly. Hiring organizations can get a trial project with GuavaStudios to ensure that they can meet their requirements and expectations for a graphic design outsourcing company.