Italian Bicycle Manufacturers Make Winners

Italian manufacturers have carved a niche in the world of racing. In motor sports, car manufacturers from Italy have won many races. Some manufacturers have their own teams, while some race drivers won’t climb into any other brand of car. In the world of bicycle racing, this country is just as popular. From touring to mountain bikes, Italian bicycle manufacturers make winners.

One hundred years of innovation

Some of the best bike manufacturers have been in existence for over a century. There are Italian companies that were founded in the 1800’s and are still around today. Other Italian manufacturers of racing bikes are new, but still well known. Whether racing enthusiasts are talking about Bianchi, Sintesi, Scapin, Carrow, or Pinarello, they say these names with respect. These companies are known for their quality, style, and bold technological innovations.

Bianchi Road Bikes is an Italian bicycle manufacture that has been around for over two hundred years. It is not only the oldest bicycle manufacture in Italy; it is one of the oldest in the world. And during that time, it has been at the forefront of technology and implementing new designs.

There was a time when bicycles looked very different. They had large front wheels with a smaller back wheel. The tires were not rubber, but instead they were made of metal. Bianchi helped change that. In the mid 1800’s they made bikes where the front and back tires were the same size, and they were the first to use rubber tires.

That innovation is still apparent today. They manufacture several different lines of bikes, including carbon and titanium. They were also one of the innovators that used aluminum to make lighter bikes. Bianchi makes Alu-Carbon bikes as well, depending on a rider’s preference.

Bikes that are lightweight increase speed and maneuverability to give cyclists an edge. This is what allows them to win races. They also strive to make racing bikes more comfortable for long races. European racing bikes are known for their comfortable rides for tours that can last several days for a complete circuit.

In addition, bikes need to be durable to endure cross country races or downhill tours where the path isn’t paved. Bike manufacturers in Italy continue to find new ways to create bikes that are tough enough to take a pounding.

A Winning Combination

The Italian bicycle manufacturers must be doing something right, because they are the top choice for racers. Downhill racing, cross-country racing and mountain racing bikes that win competitions often were manufactured in Italy. America, Canada, and Italy are the tree countries that produce racing bikes that are in demand by professional cyclists. Racers like Italian bikes because of the comfort and design.Italian Bicycle Manufacturers

In the Tour De France, many winners rode Bianchi Road Bikes to the finish line. After these winners increased the popularity of the Bianchi brand, the company decided to sponsor cyclists. Over the years, many popular cyclists were sponsored by Bianchi. Costanto Girardengo and Marco Pantani are just two cyclists known in the racing world that were sponsored by Bianchi.

The Pinarello Bicycle Company is another Italian bicycle manufacturer that produces winning racing bikes. They are known for their titanium and F5 carbon lines and producing touring bikes that have won the Tour De France. Miguel Indurian is just one famous cyclist who won the Tour De France on a Pinarello bike.

Many cycling teams only ride one brand of bike. The Banesto Spanish cycling team is famous for the number of races that they have won, and every member of that team rides a Pinarello bicycle.

Quality has its price

These bicycles are very expensive. Some professional cyclists have switched to mass produced bikes because of the cost. However, discriminating cyclists still prefer bicycle manufacturers who produce smaller lines but focus on quality. These cyclists still prefer the Italian name.

Most Italian bikes aren’t available at for sale at major bicycle shops. Because of their cost and unique design, only specialty shops will carry them. If a person has the money to spend and is looking for the best, these stores will special order Italian bikes for a customer.

Some companies will build a custom frame for cyclists. Dario Pegoretti is a famous manufacturer that specializes in producing quality frames. If cyclists want a custom design, this manufacturer will create one. They better be prepared for a long wait, however, because this company is so popular that there is a waiting list.

Italian bicycle manufacturers still use quality materials to produce their products. They take time and care for every bike they make to ensure that it is the best. While they may not be able to compete against larger manufacturers based on price, their quality is their competitive advantage that has allowed them to maintain their popularity.

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