Italy – The Home of Fashion Accessories to Die For

When you buy Italian designer creations during your trip to Italy, you may feel that you are at the very pinnacle of fashion, but wait – haven’t you forgotten something? After all, how good is an outfit that is not paired with the right accessories? The clothing that you have bought is certainly top of the line, made of the very best textiles and deigned perfectly to bring out the best in your appearance. Wearing such creations with run of the mill, bargain-basement accessories, is something that is absolutely out of the question. Why do this when there are so many fine Italian accessories available that you can pair with your designer outfits?

The magic that Italy can infuse into fashion accessories is absolutely amazing – pick up something from major fashion houses like Bulgari, Damiani, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, Prada and Versace and you can show it off for a lifetime and not have the beauty fade. Here are some fine Italian-made accessories that you can own:

Shoes: The watchwords here are Ferragamo, Prada, Gucci and Sergio Rossi. The shoes made by these designers are exclusive, hand-made and are often customized, and are extremely affordable. Buy those sexy black shoes with heels, to go with that ubiquitous ‘little black dress’ in your closet, or you could buy pumps or platform-heels that could be worn with a variety of outfits. And what wardrobe could be complete without thigh high boots with stiletto heels or shoes in eye-catching colors?

Jewelry: Italy has been renowned for its jewelry making industry since the Etruscan era. Gold and silver jewelry have been the artisans’ forte and if you are in Italy at the right time, you could visit Vincenza Oro, the jewelry fair held in the city of Vincenza every year. This show has been kick starting the fashion season each year and is the place to find the trendiest gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Pick up what is going to be the rage this season at this event. If you do happen to miss the event, do not despair – most fashion houses stock the latest word in jewelry and you can pick up what you want.

Handbags: If you have heard of an Italian designer, chances are that there will be handbags made by that designer. Italian handbags are as hot as Italian fashion and are a great favorite among women who want to look fashionable. Though overshadowed by the major French handbag labels, Italian handbags have a unique identity of their own – solely due to the craftsmanship and eye for detail that goes into each bag.

So, what are you waiting for? Go splurge on those nifty designer accessories that are a must-have!

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