Italian Handbags Complete Any Look

Women love handbags. They are great for storing all those necessary items women can’t live without when they are away from home. The right bag can be more than just a way to carry things; they can also be a status symbol. Italian handbags are the envy of many women and can complete any look.

Italian handbags never seem to go out of style. They are sleek, luxurious, and beautiful. Fashionistas love them as a showpiece of style. Working women show them off as status symbols. Women who can’t afford them want them as the ultimate way to pamper themselves. Nevertheless, cost isn’t everything. Italian manufacturers take pride and care in everything that they make, including their handbags.

A matter of tradition

For Italians, looks are everything. People in Italy believe appearance matters, and first impressions are everything. They take care with every detail of their appearance, including accessories. A woman in Italy wouldn’t take the time to choose the perfect dress, the perfect jewelry, and the right shoes only to pick a bag that is cheap or worn. Because of their cultural influence of caring about appearance, Italian manufacturers take care when creating apparel.

They also take pride in their work. If they make something, they want it to last, and they want the person who bought it to be happy they purchased the item. This pride makes them insist on using techniques that are more traditional.

The materials they use are also the best. They use genuine leather, preferably lambskin, or calfskin. The leather they chose is full grain, high quality, and first cut. The result is a product that doesn’t become dull or worn with age. Instead, Italian leather handbags develop a sheen over time, and they continue to look new even twenty years after purchase.

Genuine leather absorbs dyes better than the fake leather used by most modern manufacturers. This allows Italian handbags to keep a vibrant, fresh look years later. The shoulder straps and zippers are carefully sewn to the bag by hand and even the buckles used are high quality.

This gives buyers a bag that will last for years, if they are cared for properly.

Proper handbag maintenance

It doesn’t make sense to buy such an expensive item and then not care for it properly. Italian handbags need to be stored, cleaned, and protected the right way to make sure they last for many years. It is important to understand that lambskin and calfskin bags are cared for in different ways.italian handbags

For calfskin bags, they should be protected from the elements using a water-resistant spray. Leather conditioner is available to keep the bag looking its best. If the bag is stained, special cleaners can be used to remove the stain without harming the bag.

For lambskin bags, they should be cleaned using warm water and a soft cloth. Always clean the bag in a circular motion and don’t scrub. If the bag gets wet, let it dry naturally and try not to let the purse be exposed to hairspray or cologne as they can create a film on the bag.

For both types of leather Italian handbags, storage is an important consideration when the bag isn’t being used. A dust protective fabric bag is needed to keep the handbag in when it is being stored. It should be packed carefully and not crammed. Because leather stretches and contracts with time, tissue paper placed in the handbag will make sure it maintains its original shape.

Using these techniques will make sure that the handbag that cost so much money lasts and stays as beautiful as the day it was purchased.

Creating a new style

Italian handbags never seem to go out of style. The fact that it is Italian makes it a desirable item even thirty years after purchase. This helps offset the issue of cost, as few people can afford to spend a lot of money on an item only to have it go out of style in a few months. Italian designers constantly strive to create trends instead of follow them.

The top designers for handbags have always been in the forefront of style. Farrago has maintained its popularity since the 1920’s. Gucci has been influential in the fashion world for its clothing line and accessories. Prada and Fendei have combined tradition with modern twists, including their more recent collections. Prada’s new lines are filled with bright, multi-colored handbags that continue to appeal to the modern working woman. Fendei combines colors with neutral tones and combines different textures to create a new look.

Italian handbags are a fashion item, not just an accessory. They are sought after by those who desire the latest style, and those who buy luxury items as a symbol of wealth. They keep their appeal decades after purchase and never go out of style. These handbags are high class and a woman who owns one is making a statement about their taste for quality and the latest style.

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