Italian Shoe Manufacturers Produce Hand Made Excellence

Italian shoes are known for their quality, whether they are for casual wear, or a black-tie event. They use techniques that other manufacturers have abandoned in favor of mass production. The result is that Italian shoe manufacturers produce handmade shoes, and they are in demand by customers everywhere. Not all of these clients are retail customers, however. Some of them are athletes and others are special businesses, such as filmmakers.

Designed for comfort
The main idea behind Italian shoes is that they are made to be worn. The manufacturers understand the human foot and design shoes built to the contours of the feet. They are comfortable and mold to the person’s foot. People do not need to break in the shoe in order to get used to them. Instead, the material adapts so that the shoe gets used to the person.

This makes Italian shoes comfortable to wear. Women can spend all day in Italian high heels without feeling as if their feet are about to fall off. Men can wear Italian dress shoes for work without growing calluses or blisters because of hard soles or cheap materials.

These shoes are also made to breathe. People’s feet don’t sweat in these shoes, causing embarrassing odor. The best material is used and the most innovative technology to make them comfortable, durable and wearable.

When older is better

Italian Shoe ManufacturersThe best leather is used to create these shoes, and the top tanning processes remain in place today. Italian shoe manufacturers use calf or ostrich leather, and they still use only first cut leather for their shoes, instead of piecing together leftover leather.

They still use hand stitching and make sure that the seams hold. There are craftsmen who have knowledge passed down for generations, as well as artisans who are involved in the manufacturing process. The result is that fewer shoes are made, but they are high quality.

They are also high priced. It is not common to find Italian shoes in a standard shoe store. They are usually found in special boutiques and can cost as much as $800 depending on the type of shoe and the brand name. Some design houses have their own lines of shoes, but they are made by dedicated shoe manufacturers instead of the same manufacturers that make their clothing. They do this because they understand the special techniques used are superior to standard processes.

Special requests

There are Italian shoe manufacturers that create custom-made shoes. However, many of the shoe manufacturers that are based in Italy are famous because of their specialties. Because of the dedication and techniques used, many times a shoe manufacturer will specialize in a specific type of shoe.

Simod is a company that specializes in Italian sportswear. They have clothing that is sought after by many athletes. They also have a line of athletic shoes. These include training, running, and European football boots. There are other sportswear companies, whose shoes are famous with athletes from around the world.

Capezio is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dancewear. This includes custom-made dance shoes. These special shoes have been worn by some of the world’s most famous dancers.

Pompei creates costumes and shoes for filmmakers. They are known for their ability to create period pieces for historic films that are as authentic as the originals. Since the 1930’s, they have been the producers of shoes for some of the most famous films. These include Shakespeare in Love, Amadeus, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Gravati shoes are completely hand made. Their manufacturing plant is staffed by specialists and artisans. They only use the best leather and are hand cut and hand stitched. Even the patterns for the different shoes are made and cut by hand. Gravati also doesn’t maintain any inventory. When retailers order shoes, they give the company specifications on color, styles, and amounts. Gravati then will fill each order by creating the specified footwear at that time.

When manufacturers from other countries use automation and mass production, Italy’s manufacturing companies often stick to the basics. The majority of manufacturing companies are still family owned in Italy and is small in comparison to other plants. Their techniques produce superior quality; a factor that other companies believe can be sacrificed for high volume and price.

Customers seem to differ. Italian shoe manufacturers have kept to traditional techniques and remain among the top shoe manufacturers in the world. While it is true that not everyone can afford Italian shoes, they are eagerly sought after. In some cases, they are a status symbol, as they are often worn by the rich, the famous, and the powerful. Owning a pair of Italian shoes is a thing of pride, but it also shows that people prefer comfort to just fashion.

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