Stylish and Durable Italian Shoes for Men

Often, shoes are a woman’s passion. Go into a female’s closet, and it is common to find several pairs, sometimes even one type of shoe in many different colors. Because of this, it may not be surprising that women know about the style and durability of Italian shoes. Italian shoes for men, however, have the same great qualities and can help enhance work and play wardrobes.

Why Italian shoes?

Men do not often spend a lot of time worrying about shoes. They are usually more worried about whether or not the shoes will fit, or if they will last a long time. They don’t care for shopping in general and shoe shopping in particular, as it is a seemingly endless and boring chore. Italian shoes may help in this area.

Italian products are known for their quality, style, and durability; and Italian shoes are no exception. They are made from leather and suede, not synthetic materials. They still use traditional techniques, including hand stitching. Italian shoes for men are handcrafted so that each pair is made with expertise and care.

This has many benefits. One benefit of Italian shoes is that the leather will stretch when they are worn. Those with wider feet know how difficult it is to find shoes that fit. Even sizes that claim to be wide are tight when a person tries them on. With real leather, the shoe will shape more to the person’s foot, so it doesn’t feel like they are crammed into the shoe.

These shoes are also comfortable to wear. Women have a hard time finding heels that don’t kill their feet after wearing them all day. Men have the same issue with dress shoes. Dress shoes often have hard soles, and a day at work is as painful for men as it is for women. Shoes from Italy are designed with the shape of the foot in mind, and created to be comfortable for all day use.

Work and play

There are many different styles of Italian shoes for men, including Oxford, full boot, mid-calf boot, loafer, and even sandals. There are shoes suitable for the office, special occasions, going out with friends or casual weekend wear. No matter what the occasion or taste, an Italian shoe will make any man happy.

For those who are looking for everyday office wear, there are Oxfords available in black or brown. There are different styles, including lace-ups and slip-ons. They even come in brown calf leather and cost between $300-$500. For those who are looking for executive office wear, prestigious and exclusive Forzieri brown cap toe dress shoes are great for important business meetings and dinner parties for around $500.

For men who like boots, Brunori strap boots are hand-designed, black leather that sell for about $400. Moreover, for men who like a more casual style, Pakerson Today comes in the latest styles and are made with the same traditional techniques.

Looking for style

There are men who strive to dress for success or those who like the latest styles. Italian shoes for men are a great choice for the trendsetter and the upwardly mobile. In addition to the Brunori, Pakerson Today, and Forzieri brands of shoes, some famous clothes designers have their own lines. Prada, Gucci, and Tod’s each have their own collections of shoes that they sell in their boutiques.

Because Italy is well known for its fashion, shoe designers in this country strive to create designs that are innovative and unique. Men who like to be known for wearing the latest fashion can’t go wrong with Italian shoes. Shopping in exclusive boutiques may even guarantee that trend-setting males are the only ones in their social circle with these fantastic shoes.

Italian shoes for men can help fill many different needs. For the men who prefer quality shoes, the handcrafted traditions and real leather of these shoes make sure they last. For men who need to look great at work, Italian shoe’s fit this qualification and are still comfortable. For those who like to be dressed in the latest styles, Italian shoes make sure that those who wear them stand out in a crowd. In addition, wearing Italian shoes just may make the women in their life jealous for a change.

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