Find the Height of Men’s Fashion with Italian Suits

Italian suits became famous with the public in movies, especially mob films. The Godfather and Scarface displayed many Italian fashions, and the men wore the best in Italian suits. In the business world, Armani suits are considered the wardrobe necessity of the upwardly mobile executives. If a man has an Italian suit in his closet, he must be a top lawyer or CEO. These suits are expensive, but they are also timeless and suitable for many occasions.

The Dark Side of Italian Suits

Italian suits weren’t always considered the height of fashion. There was a time when people thought that the only people who wore suits from Italy were mafia dons and drug dealers. They were flashy, loud and made from material that wasn’t suitable for business meetings or weddings.

This was because Italian designers have always been trendsetters and likes to give the public what they want. When they decided to streamline their image, they changed their materials, but many of the traditional elements that are essential to Italian suits have remained the same.

Why Italian Suits?

What is it that makes these suits so popular? It is more than just the fact that some of the most famous designers in the world make them. It is also because of the way the feel, the way the look, and the way they are made.

Some of the most popular ladies’ fashions are uncomfortable to wear. A woman has to be careful how they move and may even fear a wardrobe malfunction. With Italian suits, they are always comfortable to wear. Although wool is one of the more popular fabrics to use for suits, there are other fabrics used so that they aren’t as hot or stifling in the warm weather.

Also unlike women’s fashions, men’s suits from Italy are made to accentuate the good points of an individual’s body and hide the bad. Let’s face it, not everyone is a runway model, and most people have some feature of their body they would like to make less noticeable. With Italian suits, they are altered to make you look your best. You are not altered to accentuate them.

Only the best fabrics are used when creating these clothes, so that they are durable as well as comfortable. The stitching, the lining, the buttons, and the zipper, are all designed to last and attention is paid to the smallest detail. So while these suits may be expensive, they are made to be worn several years after you purchase one.

For generations, each suit was handmade. While this is no longer possible, many manufacturers of suits in Italy are family owned, and the tradition is still there. The skill and techniques of suit making are passed down from family member to family member for generations, so while the manufacturing process may have changed to accommodate global production, the techniques and details have stayed the same.

A Suit for any Occasion

Italian suits come in many different styles, and are suitable for weddings, business meetings, and other special events. For dress suits, they come in black or the well-known white suit. White suits are a famous Italian trademark, seen in the movies like Scarface, where it was worn by Al Pacino.

While white suits may not be worn just by Mafia dons, it does take a special type of man to pull off wearing a white Italian suit. Since you are the center of attention, you must be comfortable in the spotlight. You need to be able to exhibit confidence and grace as people will tend to follow your movements throughout the event. Perhaps this is why Hollywood portrays those in the Mafia in white suites, because they have the machismo to pull them off.

These expensive suits come in more traditional colors as well. Black, charcoal, tan, olive and pinstripe suits are everywhere in the Italian lines. You can find the formal three-piece suit for your daughter’s wedding, or the two-piece suit for that important business meeting. With the timeless look of Italian suits, you can rest assured that, no matter what the occasion, you are always in style.

Suits are an important part of a man’s wardrobe. Men are paying more attention to their appearance, especially in the business world, where fashion equates success in many circles. Purchasing Italian suits is not just a fashion statement; it is an investment in yourself and your appearance that will last the rest of your life.

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