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We are a U.S.registered LLC providing information on factory-direct manufacturing, sourcing and outsourcing services to clients throughout the world. Our mission is simple. We strive to find the highest quality manufacturing, at the lowest possible price, from factories located in China and elsewhere in Asia.

The explosion of Asian manufacturing is a testament to its cost advantages; however, finding the right manufacturer and overcoming regulatory, cultural and other hurdles makes it difficult to take advantage of the world’s best manufacturing. Manufacturing Sourcing solves this dilemma.

With our experience, business contacts and expertise, we can help you avoid logistical problems so that you can source your products from China and other nations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We give you the tools to avoid expensive business trips you would otherwise need to make while helping you locate an appropriate manufacturer, negotiate contracts and arrange shipping. You can relax and be assured you will be able to handle things in a professional and efficient manner.

about manufacturing sourcing

With products shipped direct to you from the factory, you will be paying the lowest possible price. Furthermore, you will have the same high-quality Asian manufacturing that is already supplying much of the world. Manufacturing Sourcing is the factory and information source for businesses large and small.

Just follow this link: factory quote to get started today. In addition, browse through our webesite for the information you need.

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