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» How can Manufacturing Sourcing save me money?

Asia is the world’s manufacturing leader because of their large, dedicated, educated, reliable, low-cost labor force as well as a favorable regulatory and tax environment and manufacturing know-how. We use our expertise to ensure reliable, trustworthy manufacturing, negotiate the lowest possible price, ensure quality control, overcome language, regulatory and cultural barriers, eliminate the need for costly business trips and handle any shipping, customs or other problems that may arise. We will save your business time and money while supplying you with the best manufacturing in the world. See what some of our satisfied customs have said at: Testimonials.

» What products can be produced?
The types of goods produced in Asian factories is far too numerous to listed here. While there are some goods that are best produced elsewhere, virtually anything is possible. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

» How do I get started and how does the ordering process work?
Follow this link factory quote and tell us what you need. We will then let you know if it is something we can help you manufacture for you and gather the information we need to give you an estimate. Once we supply the estimate, we will discuss the details of processing your order such as contract conditions, manufacturing and shipping. The process works something like this:

1. After we receive your request for a quote, we will email you to confirm receipt of your request. If necessary, we will also request any additional information the factory needs.
2. When we have all necessary information, we will prepare a quote. This usually takes one to two weeks.
3. Once you confirm the quote, we will arrange to have a sample made and sent to you. At this point, there will be shipping and perhaps sample charges.
4. When the sample has been confirmed to meet your specifications, we will discuss manufacturing and payment terms and sign a contract with you.
5. Your product will then be manufactured and shipped in accordance with the terms of the contract.

» What is the minimum quantity I can order?
This varies greatly with the product. Minimum quantities range from hundreds of items to tens of thousands of items depending on what you would like manufactured. We will do our best to meet your needs. Some small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to start with smaller test orders. However, a minimum order of roughly ten thousand US dollars or more is generally required before it is economically practical to source a product overseas.

» How long do orders take?
Your initial estimate should take less than two weeks. Once you decide on manufacturing, smaller orders can usually be filled and shipped within one or two months while larger orders will vary depending on the production run.

» What are the costs involved?
Most contracts are decided on the CIF price. This includes manufacturing and fees in the country of manufacture and shipping (by sea or air depending on your wishes) to a port in the country where the products will be sold. At this point, we can arrange a customs broker to clear the goods and send them to a destination of your choice. You will be responsible for:

1. Any customs duties and bond fees. US tariff rates usually average about 5% of the value of your order but final determination can only be made by Customs. For more tariff information for various countries, click on tariff & customs information.
2. Customs brokers fees.
3. Document Destination Charges or DDC. These are handling charges at the port.
4. Freight charges from the port to the destination of your choice.

» Where will my products be manufactured?
Most manufacturing is located in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Each country has unique advantages we will consider when deciding where to manufacture your goods.

» What about confidentiality?
We receive many questions from inventors concerned about the confidentiality of their product information. Manufacturing Sourcing holds all information provided by our clients in the strictest confidentiality and will never use it for any purpose other than providing our clients with the services requested. All confidential client information is held in the highest regard. We can also sign a NDA for you if you so desire.

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