How to Find and Utilize IT Outsourcing Companies

In today’s world, companies are often turning to IT outsourcing companies for many of their business needs. It is expensive to maintain full-time employees; this is especially true for small companies. IT outsourcing companies can help organizations avoid excessive employee and other costs to include administration, hiring, absenteeism, training, equipment, and workspace.

Specialized expertise
Besides the advantages financially, an outsourcing company also provides the advantage of offering specialized expertise. Organizations can select an IT outsourcing company that fits a specific niche. Moreover, they can choose the company to for a specialized budget or time frame such as on a project basis. For instance, an organization may need programmers who specialize in PHP. Instead of going through the expensive and time-consuming process of hiring employees who specialize in PHP, the organization instead can turn to an outsourcing company. Once the PHP programming work is completed, the organization ends the contract with the outsourcing company. In addition, the hiring organization can easily terminate a contract with an outsourcing partner if work is not up to their standard, thus making outsourcing a more flexible.

Core activities
An IT outsourcing company also provides direction to an organization. Managers can focus on the core aspects that govern their organization instead of dealing with non-core activities such as management of employees.  This saves them time as well in not having to waste time in the development life cycle of a project as it is handed off to the outsourcing company. Similarly, this enables an organization to put more capital in the core aspects instead of the non-core activities. This saves an organization on overhead costs such as equipment, office space and training.

How to choose an outsourcing company

For an organization to choose an outsourcing company, outsourcers need to consider many factors in order to choose the company that will best meet the needs of the organization. One of the most important factors is expertise. Outsourcers should research the previous projects that outsourcing companies have performed in order to determine if they best fit the requirements their organization. The hiring organization should also consider customer referrals. A quick search engine query will enable employers to uncover how outsourcing companies work in partnerships. If a company has a tremendous amount of good reviews, then chances are there will be an efficient and happy partnership between the organization and the outsourcing company. It is also important to play the field. An organization should request proposals from different outsourcing companies and try to play them off each other in order to receive the best possible deal.

It is also important to keep in mind that it may not be necessary to go with a company. For a smaller project, a single freelance may all be that is required. Sites to include Freelancer offer access to qualified freelancers the world over.

Tips for efficient partnerships
It is important for employers to be concise and clear in giving project requirements and instructions to potential outsourcing partners. It is a good practice to assume that the partner knows nothing when writing requirements, since carefully written instructions can make a huge difference with the results. Furthermore, managers should make sure that the outsourcing partner knows the timelines and fees that are in place. Do not wait until the last minute to hire an IT outsourcing company. By making preparations early, an organization has more time to probe the entire field of potential partners and will be able to choose a partner who best fits the needs of the organization. A well-fit partnership will benefit both the organization that is hiring and the outsourcing partner.

How to find IT outsourcing companies
IT outsourcing companies can be found below or through a search query. After finding the names of various firms, the user should then look for reviews and referrals of the firms to see if they can meet their needs. Another beneficial way to find IT outsourcing companies is to talk to people who are in the similar field and have used outsourcing companies in the past. They will often provide honest and truthful information about the quality that the outsourcing firms provided them. People also need to pay attention to the small details of choosing an outsourcing company. Frequently, people neglect the IT outsourcing contract that the firms provide and sign it without thoroughly reading it. People should specifically pay attention to the pricing. Sometimes an IT outsourcing firm will stick in extra costs that were not part of the original estimate.

Largest IT outsourcing companies

IBM Global Services
IBM Global Services currently is the largest IT outsourcing firm in the World. One can receive many IT services from IBM, most notably data center outsourcing, application security services, managed security services, managed storage, managed server services, network outsourcing, and output management. Many organizations choose IBM Global Services because it has one of the largest global infrastructures with thousands of employees. IBM is a well-established company, and many organizations feel comfortable that IBM Global Services will be a good partner because IBM will attempt to maintain the high level of service that they claim to have for their partnerships. As a result of IBM Global Services being so large, they have developed tools, methods, and processes that will increase the level of service that they provide to their partnerships.

Wipro is located in Bangalore, India and is one of India’s largest IT outsourcing firms. They claim to cater to more than 150 Fortune 500 global clients and employ over 120,000 people from 70 nationalities. Organizations can find a wide range of IT outsourcing services that Wipro provides. These services include: architecture consulting, application development and maintenance, testing services and web services, enterprise security, business intelligence and data warehousing, enterprise applications services, system integration, and e-business.

Computer Sciences Corp
Computer Sciences Corp (CSC) is one of the largest IT outsourcing companies in the world. They have headquarters located in Falls Church, Virginia but have major offices in Australia, Asia, and Europe. CSC employees over 97,000 professionals and have clients in over 90 countries. CSC reported revenues of $16.2 billion for the second quarter that ended on September 30th, 2011. The IT outsourcing services that they provide is IT infrastructure outsourcing, application outsourcing, and system integration. CSC is good for organizations that are trying to solve mission critical, complex problems.

For a larger listing of the top IT outsourcing companies, IAOP of the 100 best IT outsourcing companies based on four characteristics: size and growth, management capabilities and organizational competency. It can be found here.

In conclusion, IT outsourcing is a superior way for companies to cut down on financial cost while gaining employees who are experts in the required fields. The company can avoid costly overhead charges that come with hiring and managing employees. There is a lot of IT outsourcing companies to choose from and plenty of resources to help employers make the correct hires.